Our Strategy Builds on Our Core Strength

AB Core is a vital link between the two worlds: Opportunity and Capital. We see this link as key to unlocking efficiency, advancements and progress of any economy. AB Core connects these two crucial aspects of an ecosystem in the most efficient way possible so the overall returns are maximized while risks are minimized for all the stakeholders involved.

Traditionally, most advisors have taken a one-size-fits-all approach, focusing only on a handful of strategies. We understand that each client’s objectives vary considerably, and that they require increasingly sophisticated financial and business advisory solutions and strategies in the light of new challenges and uncertainties.

AB Core’s team specializes in providing tailored and creative capital with structured solutions across all major asset classes. We provide end-to-end advisory solutions to institutions, corporates, private businesses, family offices, emerging startups and entrepreneurs.

We provide our clients with unmatched access to conventional institutional as well as alternate patient capital in Pakistan, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and select of Western region, alongside accredited HNWIs. We leverage talent and networks to service businesses and investors looking to capitalize on Pakistan’s growth story, its vibrant financial and corporate sector, alongside emerging startup ecosystem.

Four of our key advisory products and services’ segments are:

Corporate, Financial Advisory & Investment Banking

With Corporate Finance and Investment Advisory being our primary strengths, we strive to excel in creating vital and suitable links between Investors and Opportunities across various sectors of the economy. Our aim is to maximize returns to all the stakeholders, while playing a significant role in developing country’s economy and its integration into the world markets.

Startup Advisory & Handholding

It is about a pool of intelligent minds working together to transform the modern startup ecosystem. We aim to explore and unlock the potential of emerging startups – people with innovative ideas and early-stage young organizations – by offering them advisory and mentoring services to help them transform and unlock their true potential.

Research, Analytics & Insights

With fast-moving global macro and investment dynamics in the age of innovation, we believe, independent research, analytics and insights are a must-have ingredient to an informed decision making process. The quality we create, and the excellence we offer, under this umbrella with a razor-sharp focus on data, surely warrant consideration from businesses, which are eager to make sensible investment decisions.

Data Science & AI

Artificial Intelligence is seen as a game-changing technology in finance, business and wealth management today. We offer products and services that involve organizing massive amounts of data, detecting useful trends and patterns, while performing financial analysis with agility. By harnessing data science, AB Core is able to improve forecasting, achieve cost savings, assess project risks, and track overall performance of a business proposition. We source, aggregate and curate unstructured data, and convert it into actionable insights to help clients make more sophisticated, data-driven decisions, timely.