Who we are?

CEO’s Word

Our Story

Every success story has a humble beginning. ours is the same. We embarked on this journey with years of experience in the advisory space. Confidence in ourselves with a never-say-die attitude serves us well. Having earned the goodwill and loyalty of many clients throughout our professional journey with a non-compromising approach, we are able to establish this unique proposition.

We believe that growth and development of people we work with is the highest calling of our leadership. Most of our teams have young minds, whom we recruit, train and are personally involved with, for imparting knowledge; converting them into successful, smart, mature and responsible individuals, who then not only work for the common goal to maximize clients’ value, but also become responsible human beings for the society at large.

Our Operating Philosophy is to serve businesses and individuals with a unique blend of innovative and strategic corporate advice, which creates sustainable value for all the stakeholders involved.

We are Client-focused and work with them as partners in their businesses, assisting them to get the best value for every penny they spend. We are not about being the cheapest; we believe in providing the best money can buy. This is why the client retains us as business partners in their growth journey.

AB Core’s practical and client-driven transformational solutions set us apart for being the first to bring the deal to the table. We absolutely believe in independence and objectivity while advising clients, no matter the costs. We build and thrive relations on trust.

“People are our most precious asset. We are relentless advisors and advocates for those we work with. Our deep relationships, expertise and knowledge within the financial markets and corporate world give us an unparalleled advantage in providing our clients with best-in-class financial and technology-driven advisory services with seamless execution. For us, the function and duty of a quality human being is to put in sincere and honest efforts. This is all we do, the rest comes along as rewards for our efforts.“

Khurram Shehzad

President & CEO